Stories, etc.

Poetry, prose, and original writings.

These are pdf files, and can be ‘zoomed”, to enlarge for easier reading.

In the beginning  there was a cat… NEW story by Vada Dolph

Life on Rose Hill Avenue A vignette of the peaceful life.

 If Trees Could Talk   Ancient Osage Orange tree at Fort Harrod, Harrodsburg, KY.
 I Saw It In The Classifieds   Funny stuff, by mistake.

Take What You Have and make something, and share…a poem.

Cassie the MerryHill Faerie   An original story featuring my little fairy dolls.

How to Make a Slipcover   With just a little help from a friend.

Welcome to Cramalot Inn  Introduction, from my first website, 1998.

About me  The updated version.

Random Musings  Of a Mad Crafter

First Aid for Crafters   Tips and Hints (2002)

Horsey Stuff   Kentucky Bluegrass Country ‘lingo’.

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