Dolls for Sale


 All dolls on this page are handmade by me, and are available for purchase directly from me.

  Prices shown will include shipping costs. (ups ground or usps priority) Email for details. I can accept Paypal or money orders.  (

 More of my creations are available online at  .

Nativity Set, Nine figures including infant. All my own original design, handmade one-of-a-kind cloth figures, 13 to 18 inches tall. These are bottle toppers. They have a hollow bust (no lower body) and sit atop your wine bottle or tall candlestick. They will be shipped with  wood-base-and-dowel stands, to reduce shipping costs. Mary can be displayed seated, using a shorter bottle or base.  Complete unique set, $500.00 (free shipping)

Joseph, Mary, and the infant Jesus.   Sylized stump dolls. 13 and 15 inches tall. $100.00 for the set. 
Claudette, an Arley Berryhill design, 20″ tall, removable coat. $275

Contessa and Courtney, original designs, 15" & 16" tall, cotton fabrics. $125 for the pair

Faewyck, design ElfShot by Allison Marano, 8" seated, 12" to toes. $110


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