Photos by Vada

This page features my photos, other than dolls, and will showcase my local Kentucky scenery, etc.

All the photos on this page, were taken with my (favorite) little pocket camera, Canon SD630.

It Happens Every Summer

Those ‘itsy-bitsy’ spiders climbed up the waterspout…. well, the hedges,  and wove a blanket over the whole thing! It’s summertime in Kentucky! I’ve just sprayed them, and so the webs show up especially well, which of course demands, not only sweeping them off, but wait! first a few photos.  I must say, the engineering of these delicate structures is nothing short of amazing. And it seems they can build and rebuild them in a few short hours, working in the dark.  Creepy but awesome, nature at work.


Springtime Activity

The Cousins, Dana and Jim, (lawyer and engineer) collaborate to decifer kids’ game instructions.

Decifering the kid's game instructions.

Click the thumbnails, below, to view full size.  Your comments will be appreciated, too.


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