Handmade Dolls


Here are portraits of some of the dolls I have made within the past 5 or 6 years. They are grouped more or less alphabetically, by name, and divided up into ‘calendar’ pages. Click on images to view full size.

Maria and Donna, costumed, complete with handbags. Just in time for Christmas… I have finished them!  At last,  I’ve completed the two dolls I’ve been doing on commission. These have been a challenge, as my creativity was making a great effort to take a vacation.I started with the pattern, Contessa, by Michelle Munzone, from the November issue of Soft Dolls and Animals. I made several tops for the one in pink, before settling on this one, but knew I wanted to use the pink dotted for her skirt. The black and white fabric and dotted ribbon were an easy choice. I made the shoes out of polymer clay, glued on the ribbons, adding an insole to cover them. They were fun to make.  Those two lovely ladies, Donna and Maria, have a gift shop here in Versailles,  full of colorful, unique and fun things: Pretty In Pink.

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