About me

My doll making has evolved through the years, from teddy bears to country crafts and dolls, to the artsy soft-scultured styles.

I am inspired by the many very talented doll artists whose patterns are available, and the challenge is to see what I can do with them, and to create from my own imagination. I enjoy the freedom of expression the form allows. And one great advantage of the fabric product is that it does not break when dropped. ;^)

Most of my dolls are available through a local gift and collectibles shop:
Truly Bluegrass Gifts and Collectibles,  in Versailles, Kentucky. 

 A few are listed here on the Dolls for Sale  page. 

 I take a limited number of  commissions, to allow time  for other activities, and random creativity.

I also enjoy reading, gardening, and photography.

More about my journey through the craft world at this ‘reprint’ of my intro page from my original website, started in 1998— Welcome to Cramalot Inn


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, this is regarding the quilters dolls Evelyn, Ellen and Jeanne
    I love the way the head of these dolls look. The proportions are great. The head of the Ellen doll and how it was made is of particular interest to me. Is there a current pattern available that shows how this head is made? I am learning how to craft cloth dolls for myself at this point. I made porcelain lady dolls for a number of years. Please contact me via email regarding my questions.
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi, Randy,
      Thank, you, Randy. I keep learning, and these are more to my liking, too.
      This head is one I have modified from a free pattern I got from online about 10 years ago. I don’t know who the designer is. I have written you privately, sending a scanned copy of it. A three peice head, it has a chin gusset, and I have changed it so the gusset is attached at the chin, so there is no seam across the tip of the chin, nor down the front from the tip of the nose to the chin, or, in this case, to the throat.
      I like cloth dolls. If I drop it (and I do) it does not break. ;^)

  2. Those are little ‘half beads’, flat ones you glue on, available at Michael’s or other craft stores, or online. Easier to just sew on beads or tiny buttons for eyes. I now usually use 9 mm cat eyes with the disk on the back (install them before you sew up the kitty) or cut off the shank and glue them on. This is one of my oldest patterns and I’ve learned some things along the way.
    Here is one place to get them: http://www.bjcraftsupplies.com/dolls/eyes-animal03.asp

    Have fun with it!

  3. I have your little CHEETA & CATNIP pattern and I cannot find the little 4.5mm cats eyes anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction ?? I LOVE all your things. Great job.

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