June/July Giveaway drawing: Nativity Set Pattern cd

Wow, way past time to update this blog! My apologies for the neglect.

Image My monthly giveaway is combined for June and July. Instead of a finished doll, I am giving a copy of my original design Nativity set pattern on cd.  Go to my other ClothDollsbyVada blog and leave a comment to enter. Be sure to include a way to contact you.

Winners to date of the ‘clear the shelves’ offerings are:

January: Perque won by Cassie of Conwall, UK  ……   February: Block doll shelf sitter: Wendy, Versailles, KY   ….   March: Qwinn or Barrett: Lynn, in Oxforshire, UK chose Barrett.  (My little dolls are well traveled!)   ….  April’s Easter Bunny went to Bea in Nashville, TN.  And May: Tyla and Tyona were won by Lora, in Bronx, NY.

 Enter now for the pattern cd,  and visit www.clothdollsbyvada.blogspot.com every month this year to see what shows up.


3 thoughts on “June/July Giveaway drawing: Nativity Set Pattern cd

  1. Two people have emailed me directly, to enter this drawing.
    They are Bea Johnson of Nashville, Tn., and Jo Bering, of Indianapolis.
    Thank you, girls, for entering. Good luck in the draw on August 1st.

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