Candice complete

Candice is now completed and a working pattern for her is soon to be available for purchase.

Click here Candice p 1   for Pattern preview (page one)  Pattern is being finalized, and details of how and where to

purchase it, worked out. It will be available in pdf  and printed form. Price $10.00   (Meanwhile,  contact me at )

 Candice stands about 18 inches tall, and she’s very proud to be a working girl, discreetly hiding your personal items,  be it brushes and lotions on your dresser, or snacks and goodies on your desk.  She is also proud of the fact that many of her materials are recycled items, including a coffee can, a ‘butter carton’, old tatting edging, and an antiqued doily. The fabric for her body parts is an old nylon slip.  (This is a great fabric for dolls, as it does not fray, and has just the right amount of stretch. Thrift stores are a good source.) 



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